Super Prohormones Hexadrone To Produce Intense Muscle Gains & Increased Strength

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Hexadrone is a non methylated prohormone made for either stacking or running by itself. Hexadrone promises dry gains and strength increases.
Hexadrone is already active and does not need to convert once in the body, this is a plus. This prohormone compound also has a great anabolic vs androgenic ratio of 300 to 1.


Super Prohormones Hexadrone To Produce Intense Muscle Gains & Increased Strength


Product Name Hexadrone
Chemical Name 6-Hexadrone
Molecular Formula C19H27ClO2
Molecular Weight 322.86948
Molecular Structure Legit Gear Anabolic Steroids Powder Hexadrone Muscle Building Body Care 99.5%Purity Powder
Assay 99.5%
Appearance white crystalline powder

Hexadrone is for healthy adult men over the age of 21.
Females highly active in fitness/weightlifting may consider running HEXAVAR, a 15mg dose of 6a-chloro-androst-4-en-17b-ol-3-one.
Hexadrone is a very new compound to hit the market. It seems to be non methylated yet resistant to some aspects of CYP-mediated metabolism due to the Chloro group at C6. It also seems to be a very anabolic compound in nature as well as having very little androgenic potency. Meaning this will create a very dry apperance with use and no water retention.
What type of gains can I expect from Hexadrone?
Hexadrone's results are similar to a halodrol or an epistane cycle. It's great for cutting and adding lean hard mass. The positive of this is the results are about the same as halo and epi but the toxicity levels are lower since Hexadrone is a non methyl prohormone.
What is the proper dosing of a Hexadrone pro?
Average dose of hexadrone per day is 80-100mg.
If we had to compare Hexadrone to anything on the market, it would be Halodrol with the AI properties of 6-bromo.
Users will be very happy with the results they achieve while taking Hexadrone.
What is a sample cycle of Hexadrone like?
Hexadrone Dosage:
As an Adult dietary supplement, take 100mg daily split in divided doses (50mg caps), meaning take one (1) capsule two (2) times daily.
We have found that the best results were seen when users reached the 100mg daily dose.
Advanced users may go up to 150mg daily, however we do not recommend exceeding 2 capsules daily.
Hexadrone Benefits:
Adds 8-12 lbs of lean muscle
Better strength
No water retention
Gives you a full hard look and amazing pumps (due to the fast cell swelling effect from the extra glycogen storage)
Has a strong anabolic vs. androgenic ratio of 300:1
This compound is already active, thus there’s no need to alter once in the body
Safer for the liver (as it is non-methylated)
Cannot convert to estrogen (it’s unfeasible to get gynecomastia “gyno” – development of large breasts in males)
PCT is recommended for this product. In fact, we recommend that you PCT no matter which prohormone you take, in order to make sure that you keep all of the gains you made on your cycle.
Hexadrone is 6-chlorinated meaning it has the effects of such compounds as Epistane and Halodrol without the harsh methylated structures these compounds contain. This is much milder and less harsh on the system so dosing has to be right to seek the results desired. Typical sweet spot is usually 75-125mgs daily.
From what reports seem to deem Hexadrone a cross between Epistane and the potent Aromatase Inhibitor (6 bromo).
Super Prohormones Hexadrone To Produce Intense Muscle Gains & Increased Strength 1
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Super Prohormones Hexadrone To Produce Intense Muscle Gains & Increased Strength 2



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