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Boldenone - The Right Hand Of God

September 3, 2022

If the god of steroids is Trenbolone, then there must be the presence of Boldenone in its left and right hands. Equivoise is the trade name of Boldenone, abbreviated as EQ. One of the drugs that is used for muscle gain and fat loss or preparation for competition. And the name Boldenone has been associated with horse racing over the years, because starting in the late 1970s, Boldenone's largest application area was horse racing rather than humans. The most famous Mexican veterinary laboratory, UG labs, has been the largest producer of veterinary Boldenone since the late 1970s.

In fact, the original trade name of Equivoise was Parenabol, which was first introduced to the human drug market by Ciba Pharmaceuticals in the 1950s, and has been used as a human therapeutic drug since then until the late 1970s. Since then, it has often been seen in MLB, UFC and various sports events. Jerry Mejia is also the first athlete in history to receive a lifetime ban for using Boldenone in a drug test.

The anabolic rate of Boldenone is 100, and the androgenic index is 50. It doesn't seem to be magical. It feels no different from testosterone after anti-estrogen, but the fact is that in the actual application process of Boldenone The benefit is far greater than the literal 100:50.Want to order Boldenone? please click here:

The most well-known on the market is Boldenone undecylenate, a long-acting injection. Oral dihydroboldenone (M1T) is also very popular. There is also Boldenone acetate, a short-acting injection, which is also very popular. It is effective, but the symptoms of severe pain and fever during the injection have not been popular, so it has not been popularized.

In the overall use process, Boldenone is not as direct and effective as its close relative Dianabol. In addition to routinely increasing nitrogen retention in muscles, promoting protein synthesis, increasing IGF-1, and inhibiting muscle consumption, Boldenone The biggest effect of danone is also to increase the red blood cell count, which means more oxygen, greater training intensity and better recovery. As a mild steroid, the total dose of 400mg to 500mg per week is also a friendly dose for beginners.

The half-life of undecylenate is very long - 15 days, which means that it will take a long time for you to completely remove Boldenone from the body after stopping the drug. If you need to deal with the drug test, you need at least 5 months and up to 8 It takes months to completely metabolize Boldenone, which is why Boldenone is rarely seen in the drug plan of athletes with drug testing competitions.

For the side effects of Boldenone, it is relatively low compared to other steroids, and the androgenic index of 50 means that it is not easy to aromatize, but the burden on cholesterol and the heart cannot be missing from Boldenone.

The suppression of the endogenous gonadal axis also exists. Although the androgenic index of 500 does not directly shut down the gonadal axis like Trenbolone, it still needs a complete PCT to recover after the cycle.

One of the biggest signs of Boldenone for most users is: Hungry! very hungry! This additional attribute cannot be said to be good or bad. It is an excellent effect during the muscle-building period, but the additional attribute of the fat-reducing preparation period is indeed quite fatal.