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Guide To The Correct Use Of HGH For Muscle Gain And Fat Loss

June 21, 2022

Friends who are familiar with HGH know that the growth hormone HGH can be used in both muscle gain and fat loss: the principle of action is very simple to increase lean body mass, burn fat function, increase skeletal muscle mass, etc.


But we know that muscle gain and fat loss are actually two processes of body metabolism or synthesis, so when using HGH, it is not just a simple subcutaneous injection at the waist before going to bed. There must be different usages. What is the difference?


First of all, let’s talk about the use of growth hormone HGH during fat loss:


1. Getting up in the morning is the lightest time of the day after the body has metabolized overnight. At this time, the body needs a lot of calories to supply the body's metabolic consumption after getting up to resume daily activities, so injecting 2IU of HGH at this time can quickly The decomposition of body fat is enough to supplement the body with enough calories, and then control the diet, or fasting (of course, fasting for breakfast is not recommended), so that the decomposition of fat will be more rapid.


2. At the same time, adding "Clenbuterol + T3" during the period of fat loss will definitely achieve twice the result with half the effort. When brushing off subcutaneous fat and fat cell water storage at the same time, with the help of HGH, it can also increase a little. lean body mass. Of course, if you add Oxandrolone, the effect is better, because Oxandrolone can increase lean body mass more during the fat reduction period, reduce subcutaneous fat, and have a certain amount of muscle mass, I believe your The basal metabolism will also increase a lot, so lying down is also reducing fat.


Let's talk about the use of HGH during muscle building:

1. During muscle building, you can inject 2IU first in the morning, and at the same time inject 2IU before going to bed at night, because the injection of HGH at night will greatly improve the bioavailability, and separate injections can maximize fat loss and increase lean body mass. Effect.

2. At the same time, choose a simple muscle-building CYCLE, such as adding Tribone and Mesterolone, to maximize lean body mass. Of course, using different combinations has different results on fat reduction and lean mass gain, but CYCLE The purpose must be the principle that 1+1 is greater than 2 or greater than 3 brought about by the superposition of these different drugs.

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