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Steroid + SARMS Combination For Maximum Fat Loss

August 11, 2022

In the whole bodybuilding circle, supplements and drugs are basically incompatible with water and fire. Natural players say that they should never use drugs. The old iron of the drug said that without self-disciplined training and diet, even if you take medication, you will achieve nothing. The old iron in the middle area (aka SARMs user) said: I wanted to take myself a step further without the side effects of steroids.

Nah...actually, most of the middle ground old irons don't know enough about steroids and SARMs, there are actually some steroids that have less side effects than most precursors and SARMs, let's talk about how today Only the combination can achieve the best benefit ratio. The benefit ratio here is that the side effects are the lowest and the result is the best.

The fat-reducing combination can be used as a good example. Today, let’s talk about the fat-reducing combination of steroids + SARMs. There are so many steroids in the steroid family, such as Oxandrolone, Metil, and Mesterolone. The three oral steroids, their side effects They are much lower than the precursors. Only Oxandrolone has a slight liver pressure. Mesterolone and Metil is not hepatotoxic. In addition, Oxandrolone and Metil have very high pressure on the endogenous gland axis. Small, how small is it? less than almost all precursors. Mesterolone, on the other hand, is neither hepatotoxic nor suppresses the endogenous glandular axis. And most old irons who don't really understand the drug will think that as long as it is a steroid, the side effects will be lower than the precursors and SARMs sold on a treasure.

So, the combination of steroids + SARMs we are talking about today is to pick out the steroids and SARMs with the lowest side effects to make a complementary combination, making fat loss more sustainable and keeping muscles better. , Muscle hardness is higher. The first thing to say in this combination must be Oxandrolone in steroids. The protein synthesis function of Oxandrolone will allow us to lose as much muscle as possible in the process of fat loss, and the hardness will be better. , the lines are sharper, and the pressure of oxandrolone on the endogenous gland axis will be basically offset by the increase of testosterone free rate by mesterolone, and oxandrolone at a dose not higher than 50mg/day, as long as there is no liver disease completely safe.

There is no need to say more about Mesterolone here. Its function is to improve the utilization rate of androgen and increase the free rate of testosterone. The main function of this Cycle is to support Oxandrolone. Cardarine in SARMs is accurate to say that in fact GW501516 is not an androgen receptor modulator, so it does not affect the gonadal axis and has no liver toxicity. Cardarine can greatly improve the overall metabolic rate and muscle endurance, allowing you to experience more Long-term aerobic brushing without the problem of excessive fatigue.

So how should the protection measures in this Cycle be set?

1. Fish oil: Since part of the body fat will be dissolved in the blood and converted into blood lipids during the process of reducing fat, the effect of fish oil in reducing blood lipids is relatively important at this time.

2, linseed oil: the same as above, while linseed oil has the effect of protecting the heart

3. Coenzyme Q10: The training intensity will be greatly improved during the fat loss process, and there is no harm in protecting the heart.

4. Milk Thistle: I have an old iron to ask, why does Red Star only use a basic supplement such as milk thistle for the protection of the liver in this Cycle? This is what I said before. In this pile of stuff, only Oxandrolone has partial pressure on the liver, and the rest are fine for the liver, and Oxandrolone's liver toxicity is also very mild.

So, whether it is supplements or drugs, all of these are for love. If there is no need for drugs, it must not be the best choice, but if you have to rely on external forces to achieve your dreams, then you have fully understood the drugs, all the The pros and cons are in front of you, and all choices must be based on knowledge rather than ignorance (SARMs and precursors are not classified as drugs only because these substances are not allowed to disappear in the form of supplements, but Experimental materials, the reason why you think they are safe is because these substances have been around for too short a time and are not fully understood by us).