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Why Is PCT Necessary To Use SARMS?

September 13, 2022

The previous tweet said that SARMS needs to do PCT. The most private messages and comments are still asking me whether 4033 or 2866 need to do PCT, uh... This website has been seriously replying to such questions, but think about it Also, I didn't explain to my friends the principle of why PCT is needed, okay~~~ Let's talk about the principle today, I hope someone would like to read the principle.

The human body is a very wonderful network. The evolution of 500,000 years has made our body's primary principle to survive. The principle of survival is to use it in and out, that is, to save energy. The body will do everything possible to save energy for us, so as long as it is used Our brain will turn off this part of the function to reduce energy consumption. This is especially true of the gonadal axis. The human gonadal axis itself has evolved differently from our ancestors. Other mammals have a fixed estrus every year, and humans are the only mammals that can be in heat at any time and anywhere. Animals, so compared to other animals, our gonadal axis is already a high-energy device, so once there is an exogenous androgen, the gonadal axis is closed or partially closed. So some friends must have said, isn't it that Sarms is not an androgen? Isn't it testosterone? BUT! The effect of real Sarms will increase the utilization of androgen receptors for androgens in the body, as well as improve the body's protein assimilation function, that is, the synthesis function of muscles. After a period of time, our body will adapt to this kind of stimulation, and this synthetic function will weaken so that even if we continue to use Sarms, the synthetic function will slowly change back to the state before using Sarms, this is the body Adapted and no longer sensitive, this is a nice rhetoric. To put it more bluntly, our gonadal axis has begun to slowly close or partially close at this time, because the body has already felt the body endocrine. The androgen is enough, and this enough is not based on our will, that is to say, if you think it is enough, he will stop the secretion, but if you think it is not enough, he will accelerate the secretion , this sufficiency is the secretion of the body that is reduced based on the survival instinct. It can be said that our bodies are much smarter than we think. It is only in the last 300 years that the entire human population can eat enough, and such a short period of time is not enough to resist the evolutionary results of the previous 500,000 years. The result of our evolution in years is that we can become the best hunters, and the premise of being a good hunter without sharp teeth and sharp teeth is that we can have enough stamina to exhaust the prey through long-term pursuit, so for muscles like this. In terms of body structure, the brain thinks that it is enough, so whether you are using Sarms or steroids, what you need to fight against is not your age, but the evolutionary results of the 500,000 years of human beings. That is what is often said in the novel against the sky. Although Sarms, which is not a real androgen, does not directly affect our gonadal axis, it will indirectly affect our endocrine by increasing the utilization of androgens and increasing the rate of protein assimilation. Therefore, Sarms does affect the gonadal axis and the gonads. What we need to do after the axis is affected is to restore the gonadal axis as soon as possible, and the natural recovery of the gonadal axis will be slower than we imagined, so PCT is particularly important at this time, otherwise, we will struggle to use Sarms. The increased muscle and decreased body fat will be difficult to maintain or even return to the original shape because the gonadal axis is not restored in time. I hope that old irons who are ready to use Sarms can have the opportunity to see this tweet and PCT.