Test Deca / Testosterone Decanoate Injectable Steroids To Lose Weight CAS 5721-91-5

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Test Deca / Testosterone Decanoate Injectable Steroids for weight loss CAS 5721-91-5


CAS: 5721-91-5
EINECS: 227-226-4
Assay: 99% min.
Molecular Formula: C29H46O3
Molecular Weight: 442.6737
Character: White crystalline powder.
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Testosterone Decanoate Oil Description (active half-life 12-14 days)

Testosterone Decanoate is well-known as part of the very popular form of testosterone known as sustanon. It is ideal for TRT or HRT users as well as to be stacked with a much longer ester steroid like deca durabolin for less frequent injection schedules. Decanoate can be injected once a week and maintain stable test levels. A 100mg Decanoate shot yields approximately 62 mg of actual testosterone.



Because the decanoate ester is so long lasting, users will only need to inject the drug once a week. The drug itself doesn't fully leave the body for 15 days. Users sometimes stack Neotest 250 with Deca-Durabolin and inject them at the same time, as they will last in the body the same amount of time. Doses as little as 250 mgs/week will see results and extreme doses of 1000 mgs/week have been recorded with little side effects, although use of an aromatose inhibitor is a must at extreme doses.


Application on bodybuilding:


Pharmaceutical raw materials, Steroid hormone, Anabolin. Testosterone Decanoate belongs to Male hormones. To maintain and promote male physiological characteristics and organ development.As with all forms of testosterone,Testosterone Decanoate will cause weight and strength gain, fat loss, a libido increase, an increase in IGF-1 levels, Red Blood Cell count, and of course increased recovery from training


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