L-Carnitine Tartrate CAS 36687-82-8 Natural Weight Loss Powder For Weight Loss

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Carnitine tartrate is the supplement form of carnitine, a substance that plays a role in energy production.Nevertheless, due to function, Carnitine tartrate make a important role in performance and fat loss. Carnitine may provide benefits for heart patients.


L-Carnitine Tartrate CAS 36687-82-8 Natural Weight Loss Powder For Weight Loss


L-Carnitine Tartrate Quick Detail:

Product name: L-Carnitine Tartrate
Synonyms: Carnitine Tartrate, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, L-Carnitine Tartrate
CAS: 36687-82-8
M.F.: C11H19NO8
Usage :pharmaceutical raw materials, the hormone
Assay: 99%
Packaging Details: Foil bag or as requirement
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Shipping way: EMS, HKEMS, DHL, TNT, Fedex, UPS… (you can choose the fastest and your favourite)


L-Carnitine Tartrate Descriptions:


L-carnitine supplements are used to increase L-carnitine levels in people whose natural level of L-carnitine is too low because they have a genetic disorder, are taking certain drugs (valproic acid for seizures), or because they are undergoing a medical procedure (hemodialysis for kidney disease) that uses up the body's L-carnitine. It is also used as a replacement supplement in strict vegetarians, dieters, and low-weight or premature infants.


L-Carnitine Tartrate Usage:

pharmaceutical health care products, food additives, etc.


1, infant food: L-carnitine is a condition of the baby must be nutrients, the world's 22 countries are already in infant milk powder is added to L-carnitine,


2, Weight loss: L-carnitine to burn excess body fat for energy. He can lose weight, reduce body fat content, with weight loss, and if the body lacks L-carnitine, it will cause a disorder of fatty acid metabolism, leading to two consequences .


1) inadequate energy supply to the muscle, resulting in body fatigue and related heart disease;


2) caUsage the muscle fibers and lipids accumulated in the liver, resulting in obesity, fatty liver and other diseases.'s Obesity lack of exercise, often supplement L-carnitine, to maintain the exercise, the body can consume the accumulation of fatty acids, play to lose weight role. Therefore, L-carnitine is not a very good diet, no anorexia, no fatigue, no diarrhea, weight loss products.


3, Athlete food: L-carnitine in improving exercise power, anti-fatigue, increase exercise endurance Dengjun good. Take a certain amount of L-carnitine, endurance and strength athletes participating in sports, the get the best results. Study confirmed , sports in human muscle tissue after the free carnitine concentration decreased 20% by exogenous L-carnitine and improved, and therefore promote the body fatty acid oxidation to produce energy, improve athletic performance. Abroad to L-carnitine has been widely used in sports health food products.


4, Important human nutritional supplements: With age, the body content of carnitine in steady decline, the human need to add L-carnitine. Diabetes, kidney patients, mental, physical laborers, as much waste discharge , consumption of a large body of L-carnitine, L-carnitine can easily lead to a lack of long-term need to supplement.


L-Carnitine Tartrate CAS 36687-82-8 Natural Weight Loss Powder For Weight Loss 0


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