Androsterone Anti Estrogen Raw Steroids White Crystalline Powders CAS 53-41-8

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MF: C19H30O2 MW: 290.440
Alias: 3α-hydroxy-5α-androstan-17-one, Water Solubility:: 0.0063 Mg/mL
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Androsterone Anti Estrogen Raw Steroids White Crystalline Powders CAS 53-41-8


Formula :C19H30O2

CAS Number :53-41-8

Molar mass: 290.440 g/mol

MP: 181-184 °C(lit.)

Storage temp. : −20°C

Alpha : 96 º (c=1, C2H5OH)

Water Solubility:0.0063 mg/mL

Appearance:white to light beige crystalline powder

Usage:Antihypertensor.It was isolated from male urine after removed of the phenolic estrogen fraction




Androsterone is an inactive breakdown metabolite of testosterone, the product of a reaction mediated by the enzyme oxidative 17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (EC, 17beta-HSD). Androsterone is also can be metabolized from other adrenal androgens such as dehydroepiandrosterone, dihydrotestosterone or androstenedione, and is considered an inactive end product; however, it can be a physiological effector in its own right.


Androsterone might be converted back to dihydrotestosterone. Humans (and other primates) are unique among mammals in having high levels of circulating androsterone glucuronide, a process that is the major role uridine-diphospho-glucuronosyltransferase (EC, UGT) enzymes for glucuronidation of steroid metabolism in humans.


Conjugation of androsterone is a pathway found in all vertebrates and is widely recognized that the liver is a major site of glucuronidation; however it is now clear that extrahepatic tissues are also involved in the conjugation of compounds to which these tissues are exposed. High levels of androsterone glucuronide found in the human prostate, breast cyst fluid and ovary follicular fluid suggest that glucuronidation of 5alpha-reduced C19 steroids occurs in these tissues as well.


In doping control, the ratio of androsterone/etiocholanone provides valuable information that allows the assignment of a urine specimen to a particular person or the identification of urine samples with identical steroid profiles; this is particularly important to detect attempts of urine manipulation including urine alteration and substitution.


Status Detected and Quantified




Cell signaling

Fuel and energy storage

Fuel or energy source

Hormones, Membrane component

Membrane integrity/stability




Surfactants and Emulsifiers

Cellular locations



Membrane (predicted from logP)

Endoplasmic reticulum


Androsterone Anti Estrogen Raw Steroids White Crystalline Powders CAS 53-41-8 0


Property Value Source
Water Solubility 0.0063 mg/mL ALOGPS
logP 3.71 ALOGPS
logP 3.77 ChemAxon
logS -4.7 ALOGPS
pKa (Strongest Acidic) 18.3 ChemAxon
pKa (Strongest Basic) -1.4 ChemAxon
Physiological Charge 0 ChemAxon
Hydrogen Acceptor Count 2 ChemAxon
Hydrogen Donor Count 1 ChemAxon
Polar Surface Area 37.3 Å2 ChemAxon
Rotatable Bond Count 0 ChemAxon
Refractivity 83.81 m3·mol-1 ChemAxon
Polarizability 34.7 Å3 ChemAxon
Number of Rings 4 ChemAxon
Bioavailability 1 ChemAxon
Rule of Five Yes ChemAxon
Ghose Filter Yes ChemAxon
Veber's Rule Yes ChemAxon
MDDR-like Rule Yes ChemAxon


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