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Stanolone DHT Hormone Powder High Purity Guaranteed 


Stanolone DHT Chemical Properties:

Trade Name: Stanolone
Other name: Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)
CAS ID: 521-18-6
Formula: C19H30O2
Molar Mass: 290.442 g/mol
Chemical Names: STANOLONE; Dihydrotestosterone; Androstanolone; Andractim; Androlone;
Melting Point: 181 °C
Water Solubility: 525000 mg/L (at 25 °C)

Appearance:White crystalline powder
Application: Oral Hormone Powder for bodybuilding, sport supplyment
Dose: Dose-Ranging (35mg/Day or 70 mg/Day)
Storage: sealled store at 4C below


Product Name: Stanolone
Synonyms: (5-alpha,17-beta)-17-hydroxyandrostan-3-one;(5alpha,17beta)-17-Hydroxy-androstan-3-one;17beta-Hydroxy-3-androstanone;17-beta-hydroxy-5-alpha-androstan-3-on;17-hydroxy-,(5-alpha,17-beta)-androstan-3-on;17-Hydroxyandrostan-3-one;5A-Androstan-3-on-17B-ol;5a-Androstan-3-one, 17beta-hydroxy-
CAS: 521-18-6
MF: C19H30O2
MW: 290.44
EINECS: 208-307-3
Melting point: 178-183 °C
Stanolone Structure



Stanolone Description:


Anabolic steroids are manufactured drugs that mimic the effects of male hormones, and androstanolone is an anabolic steroid that specifically mimics dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that is produced naturally in the male body. Male hormones such as DHT, also called androgens, help stimulate and control the development of such male characteristics as facial hair and male reproductive organs. Androstanolone is used by doctors, for example, as a testosterone replacement therapy and to treat breast cancer. It was once a popular bodybuilding supplement, though its use for this non-medical purpose has diminished in North America and Europe and is illegal in many places. Like all anabolic steroids, this drug has several side-effects and can cause male pattern baldness as well as other problems.

Androstanolone is chemically identical to DHT. DHT is mainly formed in the testes, the hair follicles, the adrenal glands and the prostate gland and is produced when testosterone interacts with an enzyme in the body. In the womb, DHT stimulates the development of male characteristics of the male embryo and fetus. During puberty, it is involved in developing other male characteristics such as body and facial hair and the deepening of the voice. Later in life, the level of DHT is usually much lower, and its presence can cause problems. Elevated levels of DHT can cause an enlarged prostate gland, and there is also a link between high DHT levels and prostate cancer, though it has not been determined if DHT causes cancer.

Both the use of androstanolone and high levels of DHT also can cause male pattern hair loss, and there are several brands of so-called DHT blockers available, marketed as hair restoration remedies. In spite of anti-doping regulations and known side effects of anabolic steroids, some athletes still use androstanolone to build muscles faster, but this is becoming less common. Doctors prescribe androstanolone for various purposes, such as to treat hypogonadism, a condition that causes decreased sperm or testosterone production in the testes; it also is used to increase muscle-mass for patients suffering from HIV wasting syndrome. The drug is used to treat breast cancer as well because it helps reduce the growth of breast cancer cells.

Stanolone Effects:


Androstanolone is identical to the body's own dihydrotestosterone which, as we know, is formed by the peripheral conversion of testosterone. Some therefore call Androstanolone a synthetic dihydrotestosterone. Androstanolone has a predominantly androgenic effect and, due to its structure, cannot be converted into estrogen. For a fast buildup of power and muscle mass Androstanolone is of little value. Androstanolone used to be the athlete's favorite competition steroid since it helped to obtain a harder muscle through a lower fat content by increasing the androgen level without aromatizing. Numerous athletes used Androstanolone during workouts for doping tested championships since the substance remains in the body for only a short time and the testosterone/epitestosterone value is not influenced. Another positive characteristic is that the injectable version is not liver toxic. Today, however, Androstanolone is rarely used by athletes. One reason for this is that almost all European and American compounds are no longer commercially available. The other reason is that most athletes use the still readily available Masteron which has similar effects. Neither the original nor a fake of Androstanolone is available on the black market.

s is of course. However, in most of the body, the androgenic signal is not carried through. In these tissues, which include the brain (CNS), skin, genitals practically everything but muscle the active androgen is actually DHT.


Stanolone vs Masteron vs Proviron:

Masteron = Drostanolone(DHT derivative)
Proviron = Methyl 1-DHT(Oral DHT derivative)
Stanolone is PURE DHT, which is far more androgenic then either Masteron or Proviron. They all produce similar effects(pure androgens), the only difference is varied potency, with Masteron and Proviron being weaker than Stanolone.


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